Schuylkill Banks is the best spot to join the Schuylkill River Trail from Center City, South Philadelphia and West Philadelphia. The trail currently runs 1.2 miles along Schuylkill Banks in the heart of Philadelphia before hooking up with Kelly Drive.

Looking for a new place to walk? Grays Ferry Crescent has 5,805 feet of walking trails. Access points to this new segment of Schuylkill Banks are located on the 34th Street Bridge, Grays Ferry Avenue & 36th Street, and Wharton Street & Schuylkill Avenue. This section will eventually be part of the link from Center City to Bartram’s Garden. View the map here.

Benches located along the trail and riverfront at many spots along Schuylkill Banks are ideal spots for people watching, taking in the scenery or enjoying Philadelphia wildlife including many species of fish and birds!

Walking on Schuylkill Banks by Race Street

Schuylkill River Trail routes from Schuylkill Banks

East Falls Loop

Map of the East Falls LoopThis route is ideal for weekends when MLK Drive is closed to automobiles! From the north end of Schuylkill Banks, stay on the trail and ride under the MLK Drive and Spring Garden Street Bridges, continue on the trail past the Fairmount Water Works and Lloyd Hall. Turn left at Lloyd Hall to stay on the Schuylkill River Trail. Continue along the Kelly Drive portion of the Schuylkill River Trail approximately four miles until you reach the East Falls Bridge. Ride across the East Falls Bridge – being careful of traffic – and turn left on MLK Drive (or the MLK Drive trail). Take MLK Drive approximately four miles until it takes you back across the Schuylkill River to Schuylkill Banks. This loop is 8 miles from the Art Museum to the Art Museum. It is 10.4 miles from Locust Street to the Art Museum, up around the loop and back to Locust Street.

Getting to Schuylkill Banks on foot

From South Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square, Fitler Square and adjacent neighborhoods

Take Locust Street to 25th Street. An at-grade railroad track crossing into Schuylkill Banks is located on the northwest corner of 25th and Locust Streets. Do not use this entrance if it is blocked by a train.

From West Philadelphia or central Center City, take Walnut Street, Chestnut Street Bridge, Market Street Bridge or JFK Boulevard Bridge to the east side of the Schuylkill River and then take the Ramps from Chestnut and Market Streets or the stairs from Walnut Street or JFK Boulevard down to Schuylkill Banks.

From Logan Square and adjacent neighborhoods

Take Race Street past 23rd Street to the at-grade railroad track crossing onto Schuylkill Banks. Do not use this entrance if it is blocked by a train.

From the Art Museum area

Starting at Eakin’s Oval take Martin Luther King Jr. Drive just south of the Art Museum and use the signalized crossing to cross MLK Drive and enter Schuylkill Banks by the Plaza/Pergola. Alternately, take Kelly Drive South, continue on the trail past the Fairmount Water Works and under the Spring Garden and MLK Drive bridges to connect directly to Schuylkill Banks.