Future Projects


SRDC will work with the City to plan, design and build a trail segment from south of Bartram’s Garden along the west riverbank to Passyunk Avenue. The feasibility study for this project will also include preliminary planning for a riverfront park near Passyunk Avenue. This segment will connect to the Bartram’s Mile segment, currently in final design. 


SRDC will work with the City to plan, design and build a 2,700 foot-long trail segment from Christian Street along the east riverbank to 34th Street, connecting to the Grays Ferry Crescent trail and greenway. This is the last remaining trail segment to be studied and designed in order to create a continuous, off-street trail and greenway between Center City and Bartram’s Garden. Because of the close proximity of the railroad to the river, this trail segment will likely require another boardwalk structure running parallel to the shore. 


Philadelphia Parks and Recreation is leading the development of the new Bartram's Mile segment of Schuylkill Banks, which will run along the west bank of the Schuylkill River between Grays Ferry Avenue and 58th Street, on either side of Bartram's Garden. This greenway will connect to the Grays Ferry Crescent via the Schuylkill Crossing.

Bartram's Mile is currently in design and is being fast-tracked for construction in 2015.


SRDC is working with a variety of public and private partners in University City, West Philadelphia and Southwest Philadelphia to plan on-road bike and pedestrian improvements linking the Centennial District in Fairmount Park to the West Bank Greenway, Schuylkill Banks, and Bartram’s Garden. This project will take SRDC one step closer to its goal of having a trail and greenway connecting neighborhoods and important institutions on both sides of the tidal Schuylkill.