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Get out your smart phones, download the TrailOff app, then head over to Bartram's Mile for a story! 

TrailOff is a new mobile app premiering in September of 2020 during the fall’s FringeArts Festival that brings its users a cutting edge artistic experience that is equal parts immersive theater, GPS-triggered technological “magic” and connection to nature. This mixed reality performance features 10 original audio dramas, totally free to download through the upcoming app, that unfold on trails across the Circuit Trails network. Created by Swim Pony in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) and app developer Toasterlab, stories feature local authors who bring new and diverse perspectives to trails in the Philadelphia region. Each story is written specifically for a trail on the Circuit Network, evoking a conversation between the external landscape and the internal sonic world. Stories are compelling and highly crafted to the selected route of the path, featuring aspects of the landscapes and giving audience the feeling of a live site specific performance, but available 24/7 and responsive to the pace, weather and time of day the in which user undertakes the experience.

Watch a short trailer of TrailOff here.

Learn more about TrailOff and get the app here.