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Find Your Way to Schuylkill Banks

Not sure how to walk, bike, run, skate, etc. to and/or from Schuylkill Banks? These maps can help with that!

  • Go to https://schuylkillriver.org/map/ if you want a map of the entire Schuylkill River Trail (SRT).  Schuylkill Banks is the southernmost portion of the SRT, making it a great place to start or finish your SRT adventure. 
  • Go to https://circuittrails.org/find-trails if you are navigating the 100s of miles of the Circuit Trails network and want to get to/from Schuylkill Banks. 
  • Go to https://gophillygo.org/ if you are navigating around the greater Philadelphia region and want to get to/from Schuylkill Banks.
  • Go to https://phl.maps.arcgis.com/ if you are navigating around Philadelphia's extensive park network.

Take public transportation -- Schuylkill Banks is convenient to SEPTA Regional Rail, the Market Frankford Line, many bus and trolley routes, and PATCO.

Check out our trail map page for even more directions.