Find Your Way to Schuylkill Banks

Not sure how to walk, bike, run, skate, etc. to and/or from Schuylkill Banks? These maps can help with that! 

• Go to if you want a map of the entire Schuylkill River Trail (SRT).  Schuylkill Banks is the southernmost portion of the SRT, making it a great place to start or finish your SRT adventure. 

• Go to if you are navigating the 100s of miles of the Circuit Trails network and want to get to/from Schuylkill Banks. 

• Go to if you are navigating around the greater Philadelphia region and want to get to/from Schuylkill Banks.

• Go to if you are navigating around Philadelphia's extensive park network. 

Take public transportation -- Schuylkill Banks is convenient to SEPTA Regional Rail, the Market Frankford Line, many bus and trolley routes, and PATCO. 

• Take SEPTA trains and trolleys to 30th Street Station, exit the station then walk across the Schuylkill River using the southern sidewalk of either the Market Street Bridge to access Schuylkill Banks by ramp or the JFK Boulevard Bridge to access the Banks by stairs.  Multiple bus routes cross over the tidal Schuylkill River, making it easy to get to the trail via bus. Get those details here.

• Take PATCO to Locust Street, exit the station and head west on Locust Street until the street dead ends at 25th, then use the Locust Street Crossing to access Schuylkill Banks. If the gates are closed, head one block south to Spruce Street to access the trail via the Schuylkill River Parks Connector Bridge.

• Ride Indego, Philadelphia's bike share program: There are bike docking stations at the MLK Jr. Drive and Locust Street trail entrances.

Check out our trail map page for even more directions.