Water Sports

Kayak Tours

Hidden River Outfitters (HRO) offers guided tours on Schuylkill Banks from the Walnut Street Dock and in Manyunk. HRO also offers private kayak tours upon request. Click here for more information about Schuylkill Banks Kayak Tours.

Boating at Bartram's Garden

Bartram's Garden offers free public boating on Saturday afternoons in the summer. Click here fore more information about kayaking or canoeing at Bartram's Garden.

Using your own self-powered watercraft

Docks are available at Walnut Street and at Bartram’s Garden for limited public use when they are not being used for organized events on Schuylkill Banks. There is no driving in to either dock, so you must carry or dolly in your kayak, canoe, or paddleboard. SRDC staff members are happy to open up the gate to the Walnut Street Dock whenever we are on the trail. Please coordinate with Bartram’s Garden staff in advance if you plan to use the dock at that site, as the dock and meadow gates are typically kept locked. Be aware of other traffic on the river, especially powerboats and jet skis which are common during the summer.