painting and relaxing on Schuylkill Banks

Creative Arts

Get those creative juices flowing by creating your art en plein air – outside on Schuylkill Banks! Artists including painters, photographers, sculptors, writers and songwriters come to Schuylkill Banks to draw inspiration from the river, greenery, bridges, skyline and activity along the river.

Helpful Hints for Artists on Schuylkill Banks

  • Please keep yourself and others safe by staying off the trail while creating your art.
  • Be aware that driving in to the trail is prohibited, so any supplies must be carried in or pulled in using a small cart or wagon.
  • It is a good idea to bring water, a snack, and an umbrella for shade if you plan on being out for several hours.
  • Please pick up after yourself and be careful not to get any paint, clay or other media on trail furniture or other structures.

Show off your Schuylkill Banks artwork

Want to show off photos of the art that you created on Schuylkill Banks? Email them to us at [email protected].