More than Meets the Eye

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Trails like Schuylkill Banks are more than just a fun place to spend time with family and friends or to escape for a bit of rest and relaxation. They are also economic powerhouses, cultural and environmental stewards, public health beacons, and are subtly improving our lives every day.

Trails strengthen the local economy by:
• increasing property values
• attracting and retaining businesses and residents, thereby increasing the local tax base
• attracting regional, national and international tourism

Trails preserve history and culture by:
• connecting historic places and making them more accessible
• providing opportunities for reflecting upon and interpreting historical artifacts and events

Trails promote healthy living by:
• making outdoor recreation easier to access
• facilitating person-powered modes of commuting, such as walking and cycling
• increasing access to nature and providing a retreat from the urban environment, which has been shown to improve mental health

Trails protect the natural environment by:
• creating and protecting habitat for native and migrating wildlife
• increasing tree canopy and encouraging nonmotorized transportation, thereby improving air quality
• promoting stewardship of natural resources

Trails with adjacent riverfront greenways provide extra benefits. They protect neighborhoods by serving as a green buffer during flooding and they intercept stormwater runoff before it reaches the river, thereby improving water quality.

You can help your favorite riverfront trail help others! Click here to see all the wonderful ways you can support Schuylkill Banks.