Grays Ferry Crescent to Bartram's Garden

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Basic Info

Until the Schuylkill River Connector Bridge is complete, pedestrians and cyclists will need to use on-road connections to get between Grays Ferry Crescent and Bartram's Garden


To Bartram's Garden:

  • Starting at the Grays Ferry Avenue Access Point, cross Grays Ferry Avenue at the signal.
  • Continue across the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge.
  • Turn left at the first light past the bridge, and left again onto 49th Street at the next intersection.
  • 49th Street turns right, becoming Grays Avenue.
  • Continue along Grays Avenue until it splits, then take the slight left to Lindbergh Boulevard.
  • Turn left onto the Bartram's Garden driveway from Lindbergh Boulevard (5400 Lindbergh Boulevard).

To Grays Ferry Crescent:

  • Starting at the Bartram's Garden driveway, turn right onto Lindbergh Boulevard.
  • Continue onto Grays Avenue and follow the road as it turns left, becoming 49th Street.
  • Turn right at the first light and right again at the next light onto Grays Ferry Avenue.
  • Continue across the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge.
  • Turn right in the direction of the FedEx parking lot, and right again to enter the Grays Ferry Crescent through the blue archway.


This route is approximately 1.4 miles in each direction.



3600 Grays Ferry Ave to 5400 Lindbergh Blvd