Passyunk Point to Fort Mifflin

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Trail & Greenway
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Schuylkill Banks is envisioned to connect to Fort Mifflin, a National Historic Landmark on the Delaware River. As of 2023, SRDC is working with the City of Philadelphia and partners to complete the trail to Passyunk Avenue. Once that connection is complete, a study will be undertaken to determine the most practical route to connect the trail to Fort Mifflin.

The distance from Passyunk Avenue to Fort Mifflin is less than 3 miles. It remains to be seen if the route can be completed as a single project or broken into phases. The desire is to keep the trail as close to the river as possible. Some of the western riverfront is occupied by storage tanks and marine facilities, which pose a barrier for trail use and will need to be accomodated. The proposed route will also need to coordinate with the Philadelphia International Airport due to its close proximity to its runways.  Land acquisition and/or easements will be needed along the entire length of the trail and this will likely be a difficult effort. Plus, much of the land will require environmental remediation. Except for a river inlet just north of the Penrose Bridge, the terrain is trail friendly – relatively flat with few natural barriers. The City and Army Corps of Engineers will be consulted on proposals for bringing the trail to Historic Fort Mifflin.



west side of the Schuylkill River from Passyunk Ave to Fort Mifflin