South to Christian trail and greenway is open

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The South to Christian trail segment opened to the public on January 31! Trail users can access this new segment from the Boardwalk at South Street and from the new CHOP plaza. South to Christian extends Schuylkill Banks by an additional 1,400 feet, closing part of the gap between the Boardwalk and Grays Ferry Crescent. A formal dedication ceremony will take place in the spring, when weather is more favorable. We ask that trail users please stay on paved areas while plants and grasses become established. We hope that you enjoy this extension of the Banks, and look forward to seeing you at the dedication ceremony! 


Now that South to Christian is completed, the Christian to Crescent trail segment is the final link needed to provide an entirely off-road route between Center City and the Grays Ferry Crescent. Christian to Crescent is currently in design. This is a difficult trail segment, as this area is still industrially active and the riverbank narrows for a portion of its length, which will necessitate an over-the-water structure similar to the Boardwalk.  

The Schuylkill Crossing at Grays Ferry has been bid for construction, and contract documents are being worked on. We expect work to start on this project in March. This rehabilitated bridge will connect the Grays Ferry Crescent to Bartram's Mile.

Once the Schuylkill Crossing and Christian to Crescent projects are completed, SRDC’s vision of a continuous off-road, multi-use trail along the Schuylkill between the Fairmount Water Works and Bartram’s Garden will be realized!


Operations costs increase as new Schuylkill Banks trail segments open. Visit our website to learn about ways you can support programming and maintenance efforts as the trail extends further into South and Southwest Philly!